Cohen Construction Company – Exquisite Designs and Exquisite Results

Cohen Construction

Cohen Construction has been around since the mid-1990s providing a number of high-end residential and commercial properties. The company is run by Morris Cohen, who is also its CEO. The company was started in New Jersey. It is one of the most stable companies in this field and continues to grow. The company is known for its original and distinctive designs, its attention to detail and the quality of its work.

Currently, Cohen Construction is responsible for developing over two hundred housing projects across the United States, including luxury residential communities in New York City, as well as apartment complexes in California, Florida and Arizona. The company has extensive experience in the development of adaptive communities and other multi-family residential properties. Many of its residential projects have been featured in national publications such as Fine Homebuilding, Modern Residential Living and others. It has also won several awards, including the Best Building in the West Division of the National Landscape Awards.

The Company’s focus on quality and innovation can be seen in the design of its new developments. It strives to create designs that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The company has implemented many green building strategies, such as recycling, and reusing materials whenever possible. Many of its residential projects feature environmentally friendly elements such as solar power and water conservation systems, passive solar heating and cooling, geothermal heat pump and low energy lighting.

The company takes great pride in the way in which its employees interact with its clients. In every project that is completed, the client is given the opportunity to attend any required meetings. The company looks forward to partnering with its clients, and looks to the future of working together. A partnership is formed when clients and/or their architects are involved in the process. The company has a large team of skilled architects who work with the client to design the residential building. This ensures that each home is unique and stands out from the rest.

The company works on multiple projects at a time, and strives to complete them on schedule. Projects range from custom residential structures, to the conversion of an industrial space into residential living space. Each phase of the building process is designed with the client’s specifications in mind. They take great pride in meeting all of their client’s expectations, and work hard to ensure that they are pleased with the end result. The company offers its clients a great selection of styles, finishes, materials, sizes and shapes.

The company was founded in 1981 by Bill Cohen, and has grown substantially since then. The company is still committed to building homes with a high quality and consistent level of craftsmanship. It is well known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. The company takes pride in its adherence to local and state building codes. It works diligently to maintain a reputation for sound workmanship.

The Company prides itself on having completed projects that meet the strictest standards of construction and design. Some of the residential homes that the Company has constructed have won top awards, including a ribbon for excellence in residential construction at the annual Contractors of America show. Most of the residential homes that the Company has built have met the strictest building guidelines and have been honored with certifications from the California Department of Home Services. In fact, some of the Company’s residential projects have been featured on the National Manufactured Homes List.

The Company is proud of the way in which it meets each of its customers’ needs. The work is always done to the highest standards possible. The residential homes that the Company has constructed have been made with energy efficient housing technologies, so that they are as friendly as possible to the environment. The company has many professionals who have gone on to become successful contractors and are willing to share their experiences and lessons learned through many years with other residential homeowners.